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11th grade english

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Hello! I was hoping someone could look over my answers? It's very much appreciated! :)

How is the bracketed noun clause used?
Subject, Direct object, Predicate noun, or Object of preposition.

1. I am optimistic enough to believe [that young people will respond to a challenge.] <-- I know it's not a PN. I think it probably would be a Direct Object.

Different directions: Identity each italicized subordinate clause as a noun clause, an adjective clause, or an adverb clause.

2. Washington played by the river [when he was young.] <--- I think it would be an adverb clause

3. Red was the color [she chose for the drapes.] <-- I'm thinking it would be an adjective clause? :)

I had previously gotten these ones wrong, so I corrected them & I think they're correct now :)

Before when I had done them, the answers I had were: #1-PN #2-Noun clause #3-also noun clause. Thanks again! Your kindness is very much appreciated! :)

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    Your new answers are correct.

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