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Hi, I'm doing a paper in powerpoint on the Jurassic Period. For every slide, I have to include a picture. I just can't find one that I like... getting a little frustrated because I saw the PERFECT pic on Wikipedia, but I have to list the sites on where I found the pictures, and Wikipedia and Blogs are not allowed.
Now, i just want someone to give me a few links to a picture.
-Should include a few dinosaurs, maybe even flying dinos, lush green plants, etc.
-The site should not be a blog or Wikipedia.
-Clear and bright pictures are good
-I think it would be best if the picture wasn't set on just one dinosaur with nothing really in the background. Lots of dinosaurs + some plants would be better.
-Please make sure that the article or resource that the picture is from says Jurassic period

I know it sounds like im being picky on what kind of picture I want but I'm just almost given up because every good picture I find always has something wrong with it.
Thanks your help is greatly appreciated.

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