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Identifying and Classifying Gerunds
write how each is used: subject, predicate nominative, direct object, or object of a preposition. Could you possibly correct my homework? Thanks!

1. Her laughing attracted my attention. Laughing (subject)

2. By studying, you can improve your grades. Studying (object of preposition)

3. Why did the birds stop chirping? Chirping (direct object)

4. Writing in my journal has helped me understand myself better. Writing (subject)

5. Smiling, Dad said that we would all go to a movie when we had finished the cleaning. Smiling (predicate nominative)

6. What Joseph liked best was hiking to the peak. Hiking (predicate nominative)

7. Before leaving the beach, we sat and watched the fading light. Leaving (object of preposition)

8. Yesterday, Mrs. Jacobs was discussing having a garage sale. Discussing (direct object)

9. One of Alvin's bad habits is boasting. Boasting (predicate nominative)

10. Without knocking, the crying child threw open the door. Knocking (object of preposition)

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    5 and 8 are incorrect. The others are fine.

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    Angry that there are no answers here?

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    Angry that I posted that before reading?

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