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APA Format

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Hi i have a couple of dumb questions :) I know the good websites for APA formats, but there are a couple of odd questions I have about it

1) If I am having an appendix at the end of my essay, how to i lable it? Do i still put my last name in the top corner, or do i title it appendix?

2) When I want to reference where I got the data for a figure I will be putting in it, do i reference it on the works cited page, or under the figure?

thanks! :)

  • APA Format -

    Read about tables and figures toward the bottom of the left column here:

    Yes, the appendix would have a title -- Appendix -- and your name would appear as it is on all the other pages.

  • APA Format -

    thanks so much!!
    so do i cite them in the words cited page then?

  • APA Format -

    In APA Tables and Figures 1, pay attention to these two directions:

    "If the table or its data are from another source, is the source properly cited?
    Is the table referred to in the text?"

    So ... make sure the table is referred to in the text ... and make sure the citation occurs in the text, not under the figure/table.

  • APA Format -

    I am so sorry, my brain is super fried from all my projects tonight. So if my teacher told us to write (See Figure X, Appendix) in the text, then should i include the cite in the brackets? or the text?

    again, so sorry, i am overwhelmed haha

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