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okay i know this means square root of 8 squared and that would be 8.

this also positive because negative 8squared gives you positive.

i not get these ones


theres too many lines

and these one




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    |3|-|9|=-5...ANSWER IS |5|

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    First of all |8| does not mean "square root" it means
    absolute value.
    In simple terms it means that you want to take the positive result of the value inside the | | signs.

    = |3-9|
    = |-6|
    = 6

    = -|-9|
    = - 9


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    thanks jordan and reiny :) but reiny i not understand the whole absolute value thing becuase for -|-sqrt81| you get -9 and that not positive.

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    You have a - sign in front of the whole mess.

    suppose it wasn't there, then the answer would be +9
    But it is there, so .....

    don't confuse a negative inside the || with one outside of the ||

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    okay so everything in || will always be positive? and can u please explain how did u get rid of the two extra lines here ||3-|9||.

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    work it like you had brackets.
    start with the innermost and work towards the outside ones, only drop the || signs if you have a single digit left inside.
    e.g. the last one:
    = | 5 - 32| , I worked on the inside ones
    = | -27|
    = 27

    (perhaps in your notebook you could use different colours for each set,
    use red for the inside, and blue for the inside )

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    okay those bracket lines really confusing. how you get |5-32| because that negative sign be separated from f and -32. sorry i just real confused right now

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    i not meant f i mean 5.

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    Did you not read what I said before the
    ||5|-|-32|| ??

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    okay wait i think i sort of get it now. and absolute value mean how far you are from 0 ?

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