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Can you help me find a link on Port st lucie's education?

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    I have no idea what you mean by "Port st lucie's education.

    Here is a link that gives the names of the schools in the town's school system:

    The annual report to the community might help.

    You'll need to be more specific, though, if you want good ideas.

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    Thank you, and 'Writeacher' I kind of meant something more like Port St Lucie's education not edcation in port st lucie.

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    "Port St Lucie's education = how Port St Lucie got educated?? I still don't see what you're after.

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    never mind sorry, you were right, I was sadly wrong but thank you for caring.

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    But I still don't know what you mean? What is meant by that phrase, "Port St Lucie's education"?

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