Geometry rhombus variable question

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In the rhombus, m<1=18x m<2=x+y m<3=30z
Find the value of the variables X,Y, and Z. {angle 1 is on bottom right, angle 2 is on bottom left, on the upper half is angle three on the left. the figure is shaped like a wide diamond}

Thank You ^0^ It means alot!

  • Geometry rhombus variable question -

    One answer:

    x = 5
    y = 85
    z = 3

    There are also many other answers, but not with all three variables as integers.

    All we really know is that
    x < 10
    y < 175
    z < 6

    18x = 30z
    18x + x+y = 180

  • Geometry rhombus variable question -

    Thank you (:

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