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I had posted this problem with you before and the answer given was 2b =A/h.

The problem is: A = 1/2bh, which is not correct?
Choices: 2A =bh, b=2A/b, 2b=A/h, b=2A/h

When I got my test back 2b=A/h was correct. Did I make a mistake or was their answer incorrect?

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    take the original true equation
    A = (1/2)bh
    then 2A = bh is the true statement after multiplying each side by 2

    now take each of the answers and simplify by cross-multiplying
    1st is obviously correct
    2nd: b = 2A/b ---> b^2 = 2a , incorrect
    3rd: 2b = A/h ----> 2bh = A, incorrect
    4th: b = 2A/h ---> bh = 2A, correct

    The way you typed it, there are two incorrect.
    Do you have a typo in the 2nd ?

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