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World History

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Plato rejected democracy because of the executionof socrates. Why did Plato's student, Aristotle, reject democracy ?
A. He felt reason should be left to politicans, not the people
B. He thought it would lead to mob rule
C. He distrusted a single strong all-prowerful leader
D. He was suspicious of the "golden mean"
I got B.

How did geography make italy easier to unite than greece?
A. Italy was not broken up into small, isolated valleys.
B. Italy was broken up into small isolated valleys.
C. The mountains of italy were more rugged.
D. The mountains of italy could support a growing population.
I got A.

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    I agree with both of your answers.

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    I disagree with the premise in the first question. This is a great example of one person mistranslates, and other follow suit, and a famous writer then supposes the mistranslations are accurate, and makes a premise on government and the rights of man.

    Your answer is the "conventional" response. But Aristotle really said (in his language, not that of the translator) that democracy was the best of the worst, or the least bad.

    If I am given a choice of squid, snails, or eels in my salad, I probably would choose....squid. It is the least of the bad. I could also say I don't like it.

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