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can someone please help with the below math question

Mr. brooks brought a box of 66 acorns to class. Can he give 3 acorns to each of the 23 students in his class? Why or Why not?


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    23 * 3 = ?

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    Nope, Because 23 * 3 = 69 and Mr Brooks has only 66 acorns

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    No he can't because if he did which 23x3=69 but he only has 66 acorns so then he should give each student two acorns because see below. So then he would have 20 more acorns.


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    What is 87 more than the product of 4 and 12?

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    What is 39 more than the difference between 245 and 215?

    What is 150 less than the product of 23 and 100?

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    No because 23 divide equal 69

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    Mr.brooks brought a box of 66 acorns to class can he give 3 acorns to each of the 23 students in his class why or why not

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