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To find the current in a complex circuit, it is necessary to know the

potential difference in each device in the circuit.
current in each device in the circuit.
equivalent resistance of the circuit. number of branches in the circuit.


Three resistors connected in parallel have potential differences across them labeled V1, V2, and V3. Which of the following expresses the potential difference across all three of the resistors?

a. Vt=V1+V2+V3
b. Vt=((1/V1)+(1/V2)+1/V3))
c. Vt= V1=V2=V3
d. Vt=((1/V1)+(1/V2)+1/V3))^-1


Thanks in advance!

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    If you know the current in each device and the pathways, you know the total.

    If they are in parallel, they are all at the same voltage.

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