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what is th decimal equiavalent of three degrees of a 90 degree angle with a .1666 long base

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    what do you mean by "three degrees of a 90 degree angle"?

    Angles don't have bases.

    I'm confused. Maybe someone more expert than I can attach some mathematical meaning to the question.

    Or, you could fill a few more details, like maybe it's a triangle, with side, angle, etc. It is trig, so there's probably just some small detail you left out.

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    If you mean that you want the three angles of a right triangle, given the base length, then you have not provided enough information. There are an infinite number of possibilities.

    You have also not said which side is the base.

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    plz, forgive me, it has bee a while since i have worked with angle and terminology. i meant having a right angle triangle (the bottom or lowest horizontal line being the BASE line , the 90 degree line being the right angle.
    say the horizontal line is .5 inches
    the right angle is .75 inches . L_._

    from where the right angle joins the base or horizontal line moving 1/3rd of the 1/2 " base which is .1666" to the right make a point called .1666 what is 3 degrees to the vert line at that . from the bottom up to the point what is the decimal measurement?
    you sound smart Steve i know you can get it.

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    What is a "degree line"?
    Looks like I'm not smart enough to figure that out.

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    Still not getting it. Maybe you can describe what you see.

    Let us have a right triangle ABC with B the right angle.

    BC is horizontal, and measures .5"
    Point D is on BC, and BD = .1666"
    BA is vertical.

    Is BA .75"?
    What angle is 3 degrees? Mark a point, called E, and tell me the angle, like DAE? which is 3 degrees. If E is on BC, is it to the left or right of D?

    Finally, do you want the measure of an angle (which one?), or the length of a line (which one?)?

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    okay i understand what u r saying...i think LOL
    we have a right triangle
    A= right verticle
    B= bottom horizontal (called the base when i was in school.thousand years back.)
    and C= adjascent line copleting triangle.
    A is on left, so we are on the same pagefrom the bottom of A measure .1666" to right and make a point.
    from that point make a line 3 degrees and intersect line A. call the point of intersect X and the bottom where A and B meet to form a right angle , call that point Y. okay so far???

    i need the most exact measurement in decimal " from X to Y.

    clear as an early morning thought?
    i am not smart enough to figure this out, so i need you to answer this for me please.
    and if that is too easy give me the same but use 3.5 degrees.
    or maybe one can work on one and the other can work on the other.
    right now my money is on steve . he get up early. it is hard to stump people like that.



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    If I read things right, all we are really worried about is the small triangle XYZ where
    Y is the right angle,
    Z is on side B,
    YZ = .16666
    angle at Z is 3 degrees.

    So, XY/.16666 = tan 3° = .0524
    so, XY = .1666 * .0524 = .00873

    I guess all I wonder about now is, what was all that rigamarole about triangle ABC? It was useless information, as far as I can tell.

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