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helping lil bro with homework and he forgot to bring his books home and I cant remember anything
1. The word “risk” is used often in insurance discussions. Assume you have an apartment and how likely you are to buy Renter’s Insurance?

2. When you buy auto insurance, you have a choice of buying a full coverage policy or a basic “state minimum” policy. The difference is what gets paid for if you cause an accident. A full coverage policy will pay to fix or replace your car after you pay a deductible amount, like $500. A basic “liability” policy will only pay for damage to the other vehicle, if you cause the accident. Fixing your car becomes your problem. As you would expect, the full coverage policy costs more because it does more for you.

Answer the following questions about buying auto insurance.
a. What would be the situation in which you would probably buy just the basic auto insurance? Hint: It has something to do with the car you are driving and paying less for the insurance.

b.What would be a reason that you would be willing to pay more to have the full coverage auto insurance?

3. Let’s assume that 5 years from now you are working at a job that offers health insurance. The cost for a person your age is $180 per month, but the company pays 75% and you pay only 25%. How much will the insurance cost you out of your paycheck?

4. Now let’s assume that 10 years from now you have a family and two children. You have a good job and are earning $30,000 a year. Your company has a $25,000 group life insurance policy for all employees. Most experts say you need to have 7 times your salary in life insurance. How much more life insurance do you need?

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    i need help because i have to get to bed i hae work at 3:00 in the morning i need to help my lil bro with these questions please

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