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I still have a few more doubts. Could you please check these sentences, too?

1) He said he would come the following day, the next day, the day after (is the last a mistake?).
2) She agreed to come (she accepted to come is a mistake?) the next day.
3) The teacher requested me to fill in the blanks (is "requested" a mistake?)
4) The Indian Government first intended to reintroduce cheetahs from Iran, but they met with rebuffs from the local government.
5) This elephants represents hope for the other elephants because it must be an example for the other elephants.
6) The Indian Government wants (not want) to reintroduce them from Africa.
7) "Survivor" was the first elephant who entered (to enter?) in the camp to eat the fruits of the Marula trees despite the humans' (or human?) presence.

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    1. All are OK.

    2. Delete what's in parentheses. All else is fine.

    3. Yes, in that context, "requested" is an error. You can say either of these:
    She requested that I fill in the blanks.
    She asked me to fill in the blanks.

    4. OK

    5. This elephant ... (singular, to go with the pronoun and the verb)
    The sentence, though, doesn't make sense; it's called circular reasoning. Try this:
    This elephant represents hope for the other elephants; it serves as an example for them.

    6. "wants" is correct.

    7. Remove the quotation marks from the elephant's name; they're not needed; use "to enter"; delete "in"; use "fruit" (a collective noun; no plural form in standard English); ... despite human presence.

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