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Could you please tell me which of the following phrases are possible? Thank you.

1) Hamlet wants to ____ ______;
Hamlet wants to take revenge
Hamlet wants to avenge his father
Hamlet wants to revenge himself
2) Hamlet is sure that Claudius is the murderer (is "killer" possible?)
3) Hamlet reject Ophelia and begins to behave (is "act" possible?)
4) Hamlet thinks whether to put _______ to his life or to ________ on _______
Hamlet thinks whether to put an end to his life or to get/go/carry/ (which are possible?)on living.
5) Hamlet wonders whether to act or not to act, to ____ against an adverse destiny or to accept it passively.
Hamlet wonders whether to make a stand/fight (both possible?) against ...
6) When Hamlet returns to England he learns that Ophelia has ________ in a state of________
(has died/drowned herself/has suicided/has committed suicide/has taken her own life (which are wrong?)in a state of madness.

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    1. First and second choices are fine; third choice is not.

    2. Yes, "killer" would work, too.

    3. use "rejects" (singular subject); yes, "act" is also possible.

    4. First choices is fine; second choice should only be "go."

    5. "make a stand against" or "fight against" -- both work.

    6. When Hamlet returns from England, he learns that Ophelia has committed suicide in a state of madness.

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