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On a map of downtown, 12th street is perpendicular to Avenue J. The equation y=-4x+3 represents 12th street. What is the equation representing Avenue J if it passes through the point (8,16)?

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    slope of 12th street = -4
    so slope of Ave J = 1/4

    so now you have m and a point
    new equation:
    y = (1/4)x + b
    but (8,16) lies on it
    16 = (1/4)(8) + b
    16 = 2 + b
    b = 14

    y = (1/4)x + 14

    In my class the question would have been worded this way:

    Find the equation of the perpendicular to y = -4x +3, which passes through (8,16)

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