Spanish-Please check SraJMcGin

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Hi, I redid some of the answers as suggested yesterday from someone who responded to my post. Could you please see if I did them correctly-Thank you-
I made the corrections-someone yesterday redid a question but the questions shouldn't be redone-that's my homework-the answers are mine and I'm not sure if they're correct. I just had to answer the questions correctly with the verb conjugated the right way-thank you again

1. ¿Dónde estuvo tu mama ayer?
Mi mamá estuvo en la tienda.

2. ¿Tocaste un instrumento la semana pasada?
Sí, yo toqué un instrumento la semana pasada.

3. ¿Adonde fuiste el lunes pasado?
Yo fui a la escuela el lunes pasado?

4. ¿Cómo estuviste ayer?
Yo estuve muy bien ayer.

5. ¿Cuándo empezaste la escuela ayer?
Yo empecé la escuela ayer a las ocho de la mañana.

Spanish-8th grade - Writeacher, Thursday, January 5, 2012 at 10:45am
This is about the 3rd or 4th time you've posted these identical sentences.

No Spanish teacher will respond until you make it clear what your REAL questions about all this are.

Spanish-8th grade-Please check - Sophie, Thursday, January 5, 2012 at 2:25pm
I apologize. I posted once early yesterday and then late. The person who answered caught a few mistakes which I now corrected.However, the person who responded changed the questions which I had to answer.The questions can't be changed-all I had to do was answer them. All I wanted was for a Spanish teacher to make sure my responses were correct and I had conjugated the verbs correctly. I apologize if I did something wrong.

  • Spanish-Please check SraJMcGin -

    I emailed this to Sra.

  • Spanish-Thank you Ms. Sue -

    Thank you. I appreciate it

  • Spanish-Please check SraJMcGin -

    The only thing I did with the question was to correct the missing accent marks. The questions that required accent marks were incorrect without them!

    #3 = in the answer, again I state that you need to remove the ending question mark!

    THEN, all your answers are correct.


  • Spanish-I'm sorry SraJMcGin -

    Hi SraJMcGin,

    I'm realy sorry I asked this question again-I never saw your post from a few days ago-I only saw what was posted by a Lore-that's why I asked what I did because the post by Lore changed some things around that I didn't understand-I never saw your post-not smart on my part

    I totally apologize again-I should have been more observant
    Thank you for your patience and reposting-Again I'm really sorry

  • Spanish-Please check SraJMcGin -

    #5. ¿Cuándo empezaste la escuela ayer?
    Yo empecé la escuela ayer a las ocho de la mañana.

    This question is wrong.
    The correct question would be:
    ¿Cuándo empezaste la escuela?
    Believe me I have speak spanish all my life!

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