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language arts

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complete the analogies by selecting a pair of words whose relationship most resembles the relationship of the pair in capitol letters.

a. simulated:simulation
b. foolish:inanity
c. angry:tirade
**i think its "a" but im not sure

a. tyranny:freedom
b. calamity:misfortune

thanks!!! :)

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    I agree with "a" for the first set. Can you explain why?

    What is your choice for the second set? And why?

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    for the first one i think it is a because simulation is the state of being simulated just as brusqueness is the state of being brusque.
    i really cant think which one number two is... i already narrowed it down to those two answers and they both make sense to me. possibly a again because calamity and misfortune are direct antonyms?

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    Take a look at the first set for a minute. All four choices have an adjective:noun relationship, and each word pair is in the same sphere of meaning. Your choice of "a" is correct because BOTH words come from the same (exactly the same, to be redundant) word!! That's what sets it apart from the other three.

    What are all four choices for the second set?

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    and thank you for the help!!! :)

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    You're welcome!

    a. tyranny:freedom
    b. calamity:misfortune
    c. inkling:suspicion
    d. mutiny:ship

    Think about the meanings of each word. Look them up here:

    anarchy means what?
    law means what?
    what is the relationship between the two?

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