posted by Mohammad

picture u to open sport store. wat demographic info u wnt to know about ur targt market? how u would use info to choose type of sports products u would hope tosell.

what new trends they want to go after. what they most attracted to. i do research abt them, look at statistics about them if they popular or not.

i not really understand this whole question either it hard.

  1. Ms. Sue

    Your answer is right.

    In the mountains, you'd probably do well to open a shop selling ski equipment. Near the Great Lakes and the oceans, diving and swimming equipment would sell well.

  2. Mohammad

    thank you very much ms. sue do demographic information also be this?

    identifying potentinal customers

    conducting a market research

    for demographic information do i need to add peoples age, sex, nationality?

    do surveys?

    then after making survey i choose target market?

    do i need customer profile?

    education level
    household income level
    marital status
    geographic location

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