College Algebra

posted by Sunny

Here is the whole question... I have figured most of it out but I need help with part (b)(f) and (g)... Maybe you also check the work I have already done

Given the following function, find:
(a) vertex, (b) axis of symmetry, (c) intercepts, (d) domain, (e) range,
(f) intervals where the function is increasing,
(g) intervals where the function is decreasing, and


here's my work


a=-1 k=4 h=1
axis of symmetry=



a=1 b=-2 c= 1f(x)-3

x=2¡À2 ¡Ì(4-f(x))/2
x=1+¡Ì(4-f(x), x=1-¡Ì(4-f(x)
=f(x)¡Ü 4 (-¡Þ,4] range

domain= all real numbers

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