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7th Grade Math

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At 9:00 on Saturday morning, two bicyclists heading in opposite directions pass each other on a bicycle path. The bicyclist heading north is riding 5 km/hour faster than the bicyclist heading south. At 10:30, they are 40.5 km apart. find both of their rates.

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    Since they are heading north and south, let the southern speed be s, so the northern speed is s+5

    After 1.5 hours, the distance is 40.5km

    distance is speed * time

    40.5 = (s + s+5) * 1.5
    27 = 2s+5
    22 = 2s
    s = 11

    so, the cyclist going south moves at 11km/hr, north at 16 km/hr

    they are moving apart at 27km/hr, so at 1.5 hours they are 40.5 km apart.

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