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This week’s assignment requires that you prepare a reading journal. The reading for the journal is Naguth Mahfouz's "The Lawsuit." In preparing your reading journal, you will be asked to write some responses, summaries, and a précis. Be mindful that the reading journal is in five (5) parts.
While you are reading

1.Journal Your First Impressions:
◦gather your thoughts to pull together what seems most significant◦include any questions the story may have raised in your mind
2.Keep a Running Commentary: as you read, jot down all of your
After you have completed your reading:

3.Journal Your Personal Response: ◦a personal response, focusing on your personal connection to this story
4.Write a précis:
◦include only the essential details that will help you recall information and important details for examinations or for crafting a critical literary analysis
5.Journal Summary: ◦a summary of the important issues and responses you uncovered while journaling

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