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Canadian charter of rightgs and freedoms (fundamental)

going to church service of ur choice is freedom of? that be belief? i confused because it can also be religion, choice?

Which act be used 3 times in history of canada that can override charter rights?

i write Lord's Day Act for that.

Freedom to think and state what i wish to is: speech?

freedom to assembly only okay as long as assembly is? peaceful?

and i think it is true that we hve right to express our dissaproval of government here in canada.

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    It's freedom of religion.

    I'm not sure about the Lord's Day Act. It prohibited doing business on Sunday. However, in 1985 the Lord's Day Act was overturned and is not a law now.

    The other answers are right.

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    thanks very much ms. sue I post my other questions soon i transfer myself over to my laptop. be back :)

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    You're welcome, Mohammad.

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