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Two expressions for calculating the drug dose for young children are:

(2t^3 + t^2 -t)a / 48t^2 -24t and (3t^2 -2t)a / 3t^2 + 34t - 24

where t is the age of the child in years and a is the adult dose. If the adult dose for a pain killing drug is 250mg, then what is the dose to the nearest unit for:

a. a child of one year

b. an eight month of child

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    Since you provide two expressions, and they are not the same, how do we tell which to use?

    The first is a(t+1)/24
    The second is at/(t+12)

    Just plug in

    250 for a and
    1 or 2/3 for t

    to get the desired child doses.

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