English 7 - Extra Credit Project (PLZ READ!)

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What is Rachel Renee Russell adress. I can't seem to find it. I'm really writing a letter to her and doing this as a extra credit project for english.

  • English 7 - Extra Credit Project (PLZ READ!) -

    If you look at the bottom of her website -- http://dorkdiariesblog.com/home/ -- you'll see that Simon & Schuster is the name of her publishing company. This website tells you the same thing: http://authors.simonandschuster.com/Rachel-Renee-Russell/49850702

    Therefore, my best guess is that you write her an email at this email address:
    Put For Rachel Renee Russell in the subject line and then address your email to her -- Dear Ms. Russell ...

  • English 7 - Extra Credit Project (PLZ READ!) -

    Um... Writeacher, I don't I'll be aloud to e-mail people.

  • English 7 - Extra Credit Project (PLZ READ!) -

    I know nothing about science fairs.

    Use the Simon & Schuster Children's address in here to send US mail:

  • English 7 - Extra Credit Project (PLZ READ!) -

    ok but can you ask other teachers if they know. If they know tell them to please reply my post.

    Thank You!! (for the info u gave me)

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