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Scientists use the Beaufort wind scale to approximate wind speed. The formula is B= 1.69 sqrt(s+4.45) -3.49 where B is the Beaufort number and s is the speed in miles per hour. To the nearest mile per hour, what is the approximate wind speed if the Beaufort number is 6?

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    You have to be kidding.

    Put this into the google search window:

    (1.69*sqrt(6+4.45)) -3.49=

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    B = 1.68*sqrt(s+4.45)-3.49 = 6.
    1.69*sqrt(s+4.45) = 6+3.49 = 9.49,
    Divide both sides by 1.69:
    sqrt(s+4.45) = 5.62,
    Square both sides:
    s+4.45 = 31.53,
    S = 27.1 mi/hr.

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    OOPs! Henry, not anomymous

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