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Hardwork I done already! :)

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7th Grade

7th grade Grades (1st quarter to 4th quarter):
English 7 - 99
Math 7 - 91
Social Studies 7R - 91
Science 7R – 80
Fine Art 7 (advance art) – 100
Strings 7 – 100
Gym 7 and 8 – A

1st Quarter – 93.50
2nd Quarter –
3rd Quarter –
4th Quarter -

- Computer Club
- Roots and Shoots
- Environmental Club
- Knitting Club
- School’s Newspaper
- Rockland Center of the Arts – School of Arts(SOON)
- Karate(SOON)
- Church
- Girl Scouts (SOON)

- Pier 1 Imports Gift Card Contest
- Gift Card Contest
- Reflections
- Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards
- National Children Book of the Year Contest
- Scholastic Kids Are Authors
- Battle of the Books
- Rockland Sit Fair

- Outstanding Achievement/Citizenship in Math (1st quarter)
- High Achievement in Social Studies (1st quarter)
- Honor Roll (1st quarter)
- Outstanding Improvement in Strings (1st quarter)

Community Service/Volunteer Work:
- I started my own organization to help the environment. The environmental club helped me with my project. My project had something do with recycling. Our goal is to recycle OVER 300 recycling items this year. Each one of us will bring ANY recycling items you have. We had mentioned our project in the announcements for others who want to help. Students who participated (including us) will be invited to a huge party in June. Every Monday you will bring you recycling items but it has to be separated into bottles, cans, paper, etc. In addition, we'll be having recycling boxes in each classroom and the lunch room with a flyer explaining about our project. The reason we are going to be having a HUGE party in June is because to encourage students to recycle and to celebrate the hard work we done in this project.
- I volunteer in Roots and Shoots to help the Water Filters in Africa

Test Scores:
Social Studies – 63 (Q1)
Math – 83 (Q1)
English 7 – 100 (Q1)
Science – 85 (Q1)

Yeah it's a lot of work I done and working on. The reason why I got a 63 for ss because I wasn't doing that much well in science and the exam was coming up for it so i study less for Social Studies and study more on Science. Social Studies I get straight 90's and 100's, science I'm not doing that much well so that's why I study more on science than on ss.

If I keep this up I'll get accepted to Yale and those other 2 art schools???

  • Hardwork I done already! :) -

    Throughout the school year and next year i'm going to get more awards and some scholarships that I'm applying (there are some scholarships for middle schoolers).

  • Hardwork I done already! :) -

    Plus I'm joining some contests that involded publishing my stories and art work because I know ivy league schools and some other colleges love that.

  • Hardwork I done already! :) -

    I played viola for 3-4 years and continueing that in high school

  • Hardwork I done already! :) -

    Grades are usually meaningless, as I stated.

    Class rank is important. What you have done to better the world is important (not plans to do so). Your SAT scores will dominate decisions anywhere.

    As you read on the Yale link, you have to be somewhat accomplished in music or art. You have to have recognized authorities saying that, you wont be writing ...I have played viola for xxx years...others will be recommending your viola recital recordings if you get accepted.

  • Hardwork I done already! :) -

    so they don't have writing coures there???

  • Hardwork I done already! :) -

    I expect there are one or two writing classes at Yale. They expect that you have mostly mastered that material before Yale.

  • Hardwork I done already! :) -

    I know i'm a really good writer tho. When I fill out the college application in gr 12th I'm going to submit in my art and writing portfilio.

  • Hardwork I done already! :) -

    "Hardwork" is not a single word.
    Proper conjugations of "to do" are
    "I did" or "I have done"

    You need to work on your grammar skills.

  • Hard work I HAVE done already! :) -

    yeah yeah thx

  • Hardwork I done already! :) -

    what are u guys talking about?weirddddddddd!!!!!!!!!:p;)

  • Hardwork I done already! :) -

    You are NOT getting into Yale.
    Those grades are awful.

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