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Spanish-8th grade

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I had to use the past tense of either poder or saber to write each sentence
1. tú y yo/mirar la televisión
Tú y yo pudimos mirar la televisión.
2. nosotros/viajar
Nosostros pudimos viajar.
3. los muchachos/jugar al fútbol
Los muchachos pudieron jugar al fútbol.
4. tú/acampar
Tú pudiste acampar.
5. yo
Yo supe la respuesta.
6. ellos
Ellos supieron la respuesta.
7. nosotros
Nosotros supimos la respuesta.
8. Uds.
Uds. su

  • Spanish-8th gradePlease check -

    After someone please checks this, could you also explain how to do accents on the keyboard-I always use Spanishtypeit which is a pain at times to go back and forth with-
    I have Windows PC

  • Spanish-8th grade -

    What happened to #8? How did you know to use poder in #1 - 4, because it was possible to also use saber in #3?

    Otherwise, what I see is perfect. You don't mention if you have Windows XP or Vista. Try the following:

    Have the num lock enabled. Press and hold the ALT key and enter the 3 digit ASCII code.

    á 160 ¿ 168
    é 130 ¡ 173
    í 161 ª 166
    ó 162 º 167
    ú 163 ñ 164
    É 144 Ñ 165


  • Spanish-8th grade -

    Number eight got cut off-it should read supieron I think???

    I have Windows XP

  • Spanish-8th grade-Please recheck -

    Please recheck number eight

  • Spanish-8th grade -

    I was told to conjugate poder in the past tense for 1-4-so I knew what I wa suppose to conjugate
    Thanks for helping me-I really appreciate it

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