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i have 3 questions that i am stuck on and i really need to see if this site can help me with this ones.this my first time on here.

1.a young asian child would probably be less inclined to engage in backchanneling than a middle-class american child does because

a.he or she incorporates both verbal and nonverbal responses

b.middle-class children are taught and expected not to engage in backchanneling

c.non-mainstream groups are less likely to encourge child-to-adults feedback

d.backchanneling is apassive social device that benefits the listerner more than the speaker

2.a native american child spent 30 minutes watching classmates make play dough figures but never once touched his own play dough. his teacher correctly interpreted this delayed response as coming from a:

a.sense of low -self esteem
b.lack of understanding of task's requirements
c.need for affiliative support
d.need to perform the task perfectly

3.children in african-american and similar nonmainstream groups generally exhibit a play style oriented toward

a.physical self-testing
b.feeling and peoples
c.object mainpulation and exploration
d.creative and symbolic play

  • cultural diversity -

    Good grief! What a mass of stereotypes! Obviously there are no answers to your questions.

    1. Young Asian child? From which country? Israel, Russia, Iraq, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, Laos, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, China, Japan, Syria?????

    2. Do all or even most native Americans react the same? More stereotyping!!

    3. Aren't African-Americans in the main-stream? Their ancestors have been in the U.S. longer than those of many other Americans.

    Drop this class!!!

  • cultural diversity -

    I agree with Ms. Sue. What a hideous set of questions, probably matched by everything else going on in this class.

    Yes ... you should drop the class and demand your money back for this awful, AWFUL content.

  • cultural diversity -


  • cultural diversity -

    This is a course that is needed to get my associates in Early Childhood Education. You can't drop the course or you won't graduate. Wow. I am stunned by the reactions on this course. I am sorry to have read this.

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