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I left out these sentences. Could you please have a look at them, too?

1) This morning we got up really late. It was almost nine o’clock and our ski lesson was at ten.
2) We had less than half an hour to get washed and dressed and go downstairs for breakfast.
3) We ate breakfast in a flash and we walked quickly to the skilifts.
When we arrived, the ski instructor was calling out the names of the participants in the group course.
4) He was also handing out the dickies (I don’t think it is correct) with their name and number written on them.
We took a three-chair lift and reached the top of the mountain.
5) My husband spent most of his time observing our child skiing down the slope.

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    3) ski lifts
    4) dickies is correct. However you took a three person chair lift which is usually called a triple chair.

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