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A rectangle is divided into 4 parts, A B, C and D. The areas of A: B: C are in the ratio 10:18:5. C is a square with an area of 25cm squared. What is the area of rectangle D?

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    Make a sketch,
    let part A be x by y
    let part B be x by 5
    let part C be 5 by 5 , the square
    then part D is 5 by y

    xy : 5x : 25 = 10:18:5
    xy/10 = 5x/18 = 25/5

    using 5x/18 = 25/5
    5x = 90
    x = 18
    then in xy/10 = 25/5
    18y/10 = 5
    y = 50/18 = 25/9

    area of D = 5y = 5(25/9) = 125/9 or 13 8/9

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