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I am the best candidate to
be class president . If you
vote for me all your
wishes will come true.
what type of fallaies is this is it red herring? plezzzzz help

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    I think a better description would be either begging the question or a false dichotomy.


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    how about this one
    you should vote for me because i speak 3 languages, none of the candidates can

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    It could be a non sequitur. Do you see any other fallacies that fit this.

    The point is that speaking three languages has nothing to do with the ability to lead the class.

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    im confused then what should i write it has to have logical fallacy

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    I promise, that if I get elected,I will be working with students to resolve problems

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    wht fallacy is this

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    Look through the fallacies you've studied. Which one do you think that speaking three languages fits?

    I don't see a fallacy in your last example. But you may find one in your text.

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