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Is there any after school programs???? BESIDES rockland art center, kumon, girl scouts, and karte.

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    Lauren -- isn't that enough?

    You must concentrate on getting A's on all of your tests. If you had any more after school activities, you wouldn't be able to do your main job of learning as much as possible in your academic classes.

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    My dad really wants me to get busy after school during weekends. I always have time for my school work.

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    Your goal is to get into the college of your choice. Colleges look at SAT and ACT scores first!

    The best way to prepare for these tests is to earn A's on all class tests you take, starting NOW!

    Make sure you're spending enough time on your school work to earn A's on all of your tests.

    I agree with your dad that you need outside activities. But if you're going to meet your academic goals, you need to spend more time on school work.

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    I know that they pretty much look at the SAT and ACT first. There is another way of preparing me by buying those SAT and ACT booklets, Kumon (math and reading), and this other program I forgot.

    I heard about the US Predantial Scholar Program plus there is another program like that for arts. Plus ... ok read this

    Divya Shah
    SHS Valedictorian
    Divya Shah, the 2011 valedictorian
    for Clarkstown High School South,
    is attending Harvard University.
    Divya has made a significant impact
    on the lives of others and plans
    on continuing her contributions
    after she completes her studies in
    neurobiology at Harvard.
    Divya has reached great academic
    heights, including a perfect 2400 on
    her SAT’s and selection to the U.S
    Presidential Scholars Class of 2011.
    In addition, Divya has immersed
    herself in numerous activities
    such as Girls Scouts, a non-profit
    organization called S.M.I.L.E. (Society
    Moved to Instill Love with Empathy)
    in India, AFYA foundation and much

    US Presidential Scholar Program
    Clarkstown High School South students Divya Shah and
    Boyu Fan distinguished themselves in the prestigious
    US Presidential Scholars Program. The competition
    recognizes students who have demonstrated
    outstanding academic achievement, artistic excellence,
    leadership, citizenship, service, and contributions to
    school and community.
    Boyu advanced to the semifinal round and Divya was selected as one of 141 US
    Presidential Scholars. She and her colleagues were honored for their accomplishments
    in Washington D.C., from June 18-21, 2011. Their visit included a meeting with President
    Barack Obama.Divya is now a student at Harvard University studying medicine and Boyu, is attending the
    California Institute of Technology as an engineering major.“

    I hope I go to that district because right now I don't like my district that much. I like Clarkstown district. I found this at the school's Graphic magazine which is the graduting edition online at there school website. Anyway do they really meet the President because there no way that can happen.

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