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Environmental Club Recycling Project Letter

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Dear Club Members of Environmental Club,
We are going to be start a HUGE organization in order to help the environment. People around the world should realize that recycling is important. If we don't recycle animals won't have a home to leave in the woods since people are cutting down trees and much more. Our goal is to recycle OVER 300 recycling items this year. Each one of you will bring ANY recycling items you have. We will be mention our project in the announcements for others who want to help. Students who participated (including us) will be invited to a huge party in June. Every Monday you will bring you recycling items but it's have to be separated into bottles, cans, paper, etc. In addition, we'll be having recycling boxes in each classroom and the lunch room with a flyer explaining about our project. The reason we are going to be having a HUGE party in June is because to encourage students to recycle and to cerebrate the hard work we done in this project. Also I will be writing a letter to the President (a.k.a. Barack Obama) about our project and what we had done.
- DO NOT kill yourself into drinking so much bottles of water (or other drinks)
- When bringing some recycling items to school, it MUST be CLEAN!!!!
- If you are one of the participates and getting in trouble for any reason will NOT go to the party.
The party will take place in June, outside of the building. At the party we will have declivous food (such as Chinese food, pizza, or Haitian food), a benefit concert (school's band), lots of FUN games and activities to do (such as making cool crafts using recycling items, pie in the face, balloon fights, Tonga wars 7th graders against 8th graders, water relays, and more), and a small award ceremony. We will have a fundraiser in order to pay for the food. If we don't have enough $$$ then some of us who have good chiefs (a.k.a. one of their family members) can cook and you can bring the food to school. Then, we will give out certificates for those people who participated and each one of us will receive one too. We will plan a day to have the party.

From your new member of the club,

  • Environmental Club Recycling Project Letter -

    Is it good???

    If you have no idea what I'm talking about read my other post.

  • Environmental Club Recycling Project Letter -

    Yes, it's very good, Lauren.

  • Environmental Club Recycling Project Letter -

    Thank You Ms. Sue!!!! :)
    PS: I'm guesting there's no grammar mistakes, OK, but I'm still going to revise it and edit it again. Now I'm going to e-mail it to the advisor and then I'm done.

    Thanks again

  • Environmental Club Recycling Project Letter -

    You're welcome.

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