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President Letter

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I'm planning on writing a letter to the president and the wife about my organziation. i'm writing the letter THIS YEAR so after me and the club are done with the project I'm going to write a letter to them.

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    I'm also going to write about our project we done in roots and shoots :)

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    How can I start writing the letter to them. I know it's Dear President Obama and his wife, but like what's the first sentence I should write???

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    Dear President and Mrs. Obama:

    I cannot tell you the first sentence without seeing an outline for your entire letter! Since you can't write this letter until your projects are completed, you can't possibly start it now!

    Relax, Laruen! Enjoy your vacation with more entertaining projects.

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    OK !!!!

    I am relaxing and enjoy it. I'm also working on my outline for it as soon as i'm done with it then I show it to you after the break ;)

    Bye!!! :)


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    Merry Christmas.

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