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1) Rectangle ABCD has a perimeter of 106 inches. If the width is 7 inches, what is the length?

2) If X=7 inches, Y=11 inches, Z=15 inches, and H=6 inches, what is the area of the triangle?

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    oh i forgot this

    A. 88 square inches

    B. 33 square inches

    C. 21 square inches

    D. 45 square inches

    E. 94.5 square inches

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    2) Since you have the lengths of all three sides, you do not need the height, h, to get the area. If you use h, you need to know which side it is perpendicular to.

    The half-perimeter is
    s = (1/2)(a + b + c) = 16.5 inches.

    The area is sqrt[s(s-a)*(s-b)*(s-c)] = __

    It does not agree with any of your choices

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