Social Studies 7R #2 (plz help)

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List the causes of why the following colonies were founded:
a) Maryland b) Georgia

The reason why Maryland (1632) was founded is because profit from land; religious and political freedom.

The reason why Georgia (1732) was founded is because Profit; home for debtors; buffer against Spanish Florida.

I don't know causes of why the following colonies were founded. What were the causes?????

Please Help!!!

Thank You!!! :)

  • Social Studies 7R #2 (plz help) -

    You've given the causes. But do you now what you mean by Profit for Georgia?

    What do you mean by a home for debtors and a buffer against Spanish Florida?

  • Social Studies 7R #2 (plz help) -

    Oh... OK

    Thank You!!! :)
    PS: To be honest I got this from the text bk. The title of my text bk is The Amercian Nation Beginning Through 1877.

  • Social Studies 7R #2 (plz help) -

    Lauren -- do you understand what you wrote???

    What is a profit?

    What is a buffer?

  • Social Studies 7R #2 (plz help) -

    I do understand it but tommrrow I'll ask my Social Studies teacher about it.

    But Thank You!!! :)

  • Social Studies 7R #2 (plz help) -

    Lauren!!! If you're going to be a REAL student, you must learn to be an independent learner. You need to find as much information as you can on your own!!

  • Social Studies 7R #2 (plz help) -

    Ok ok !!!!!

    I do find as much information as I can as my own!!!! One time I found lots of info for the science fair and it was over 40 pages!!!!!!! Plus today we did imdepent work and I found tons of answer from the text book!!!!

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