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I'm planning on writing a letter to Yale and Art Insitue of Chiacago. Not now like next year in 8th grade. So this year I'm writing down some ideas. What should I write to them. Please do not judge me and saying oh like you don't need to do this or oh this is stupid because if you say that then you're acting like my friend because she always trying to encourage me not doing good things (it's a long story but yeah).

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    What do you want to say in your letters?

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    Ummmm ..... introducing to myself, and some good things I done in middle school. NOT everything some HUGE things I done and worked hard on.


    - grades (little)
    - awards (good ones I going to choose some best ones)
    - any commutivty service projects I done
    - clubs and activites
    - maybe a best essay I wrote (my reflection essay)
    - a GOOD art work I done

    It's pretty much telling them a brief view about myself. My talked my dad, he said yes (since hw is proud of me for all the hard work I'm doing at home and school).

    That's it. I'm not going to tell them EVERYTHING about myself because they'll find out a few years later in high school when I'm applying for those schools. It's going to be small.

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    You have a good idea. Since you aren't going to write them for a year, you can write down ideas as they occur to you.

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    Thank You! :)
    PS: The letter is going to be like a essay but not too long. When I'm done with it next year I'm going to post it here for you guys to read and check to see if it's good (trust me it's not going to be that personal) and show it to my 7th grade english teacher and 8th grade eng. teacher. I'm also going to send them a picture of me. I'm going to do my best to impress them.

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    I ask my mom about sending them a picture. She said no but I know she'll says yes in the future when I send them a actucal application to them.

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    But Thanks anyway :-)

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    You're welcome.

    Now, Lauren, I want you to set a goal for getting an A on EVERY test you take from now on. The best way to get into the college of your choice is to get A's on all of your tests.

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    I have to work REALLY HARD!!!! I'll try to do my best on those testes AND EXAMS!!! I just have to get 90's and up.

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    Yay! I know you can do it! :-)

    By the way -- testes is a much different word and has a much different meaning than TESTS.

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    Besides today my ss teacher gave us the progress report for ss and my average for that class is a 96.67. Plus on my Science Regents Unit Exam (on cell organelles) I got a 94 and on my science lab I got a 94. Also on my journal entry, the one I show you last thursday about perseverance I got a 100, my english teacher said that it was wonderful and that I'm a wonderful writer, I already knew I'll get a 100 because I got straight 100's in english (no joke I really do, like on the quartly exam got a 100 and on unit exam got 103).

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    Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

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    Thank You!!!! :)
    My goal is to get a 99 or a 100 average.

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    You're welcome!

    You go, Girl!!! :-)

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