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what the result of national referendum? (Charlottetown Accord)why it have this outcome?

the charlottetown accord was put to a national referendum in october 1992. Mulroney warned that rejection of the accord would endanger the very future of the nation. Still 54.5% canadian voters reject it.

so that mean that it won?

Charlottetown accord had so many clauses, each designed to please a different group, that it was easy to find fault. The greatest opposition was in BC, where 68.3% voted no. BC voters felt that the accord gave Quebec too much power. THey objected particulary to the guarantee that Quebec would always have 25% of the seats in the House of Commons, regardless of the size of its population.

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    The Canadian voters rejected this referendum. This means that the Charlottetown Accord lost and didn't become law.

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    thank you very much ms. sue :) and reason it have this outcome because it have too many clauses?

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    You're welcome, Mohammad.

    This referendum failed because it was unfair to many different groups of people.

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    Thank you very much ms. sue :) that make perfect sense.

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    You're welcome, Mohammad.

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