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what the purpose of the charlottetown accord?

this the passage

prime minister mulroney believed he had to continue with the constitution debate. Anxious to avoid previous mistakes, his government appointed a special "Citizen's Forum"-a committe that travelled across the nation to hear the views of Canadians on the future of the Constitution. Eventually, Mulroney and the premiers came up with another package of proposed constitutional amendments. This was the Charlottetown Accord, which answered Quebec's concerns in ways similar to the Meech Accord. Now other interests were also adressed. Charlottetown accord proposed reforming the senate, making it an elected body with equal representation from all parts of the country, as western provinces wanted. It also supported Aboriginal self-government to draw the support of the First Nations.

so the purpose be to reform senate and support first nations?

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    Another purpose was to have equal representation in the senate from all parts of the country.

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    thank you very much ms. sue :)

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