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Core quality are qualities that belong to a person‘s nature and that characterize a person strengths. Sometimes when a core quality are a bit too much, they can dominate other qualities and so they become a pitfall instead of strength. Core quality have me learned by constantly working on my strengths, be aware of my core quality and pitfall. I have received many tips how to prepare for a presentation. You must know your audience, speak slowly and clearly, you must know your material and do not memorize it. Your style , appearance and body language play an important role in how well your message will be received and eye contact with you audience is very important. I have learned when you go make a presentation you must look at you dress code.

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    hello,I am student in IRAN (mathematics(geometry)) and interest to the linear and nonlinear control .

    if i want to countinue this tendency , I have what book read.

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