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scientific notation

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the speed of light is1.86 times 10^5 miles per second. using a year of 365 days, how far does light travel in a year?

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    Multiply that speed by the number of seconds in a year, which is 365x24x3600 = ____

    Express the result in scientific notation, _.__x10^_

    The answer will be the length of a light=year, in miles.

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    Unless you have been told otherwise I would recommend that you include the units in a conversion such as this. While it might seem pedantic here, it can help a great deal when the units are less familiar.

    365 d y^-1 x 24 h d^-1 x 60 min h^-1 x 60 s min^-1 = ___ s y^-1

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    7.34 x 10^26 atoms of Cu is equivalent to how many moles of Cu? (Express to 3 sf)

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