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what type of fallacy would this be
i went to work at an all male prison was the first of three female to ever work directly with the offenders the male officer stopped me from doing strip searches shoved me and told me to stand by the wall with my back turned i told him i was going to do my job he then yelled at me and said a male prison is know place for a women i should be home barefoot and pregnant and if i insisted on working there i was going to get an innocent officer or myserlf hurt.

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    Why did you post this with no capitalization or punctuation? It's almost impossible to read in this form.

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    Sorry I was in a hurry.

    I went to work at an all male prison, I was tghe third female to ever work directly with the offenders.I was placed with a male officer for training, he was unhappy about female working the floor with the offenders. At meal time we were strip searching the offenders and the office I was with shoved me and told me to stand by facing the wall with my back towards the offenders. I told the officer no that I was going to do my job, at this point he started yelling at me that prison is no place for a women to work and I should be home barefoot and pregnant.

    I need to know what type of Informal Logic fallacy this would be

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    It could be many different kinds of fallacies -- including slippery slope and generalization. What do you think?

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    My first thought was slippery slope

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