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I urgently need you to check the following sentences on job satisfaction.Thank you.

1) This newspaper article is about job satisfaction. It claims that the root of job satisfaction lies in your attitude and expectations.
2) First, it is essential to consider the kind of approach to work you have.
It is believed that there are three basic approaches to work depending on whether you are working at a job, a career or a passion.
3) If you work at a career, the prospect of promotion and development opportunities are what appeals you most about your job.
4) If you work at a passion, it is the work itself that determines your motivation and satisfaction. Finally, if you work at a job, then it is the financial aspect that matters you most. 5) Job satisfaction is probably a mixture of the above mentioned (?) approaches.

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    If you're not addressing me specifically, and if this is supposed to be for a formal writing assignment, then you need to rephrase so there are no instances of "you" or any of its forms anywhere in your paragraph or paper. Using "you" all over the place is too casual.

    appeals to ...

    above-mentioned approaches

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