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Michel wants to buy his mother handmade chocolates for Mothers Day. He has $15.oo to spend. The price of each chocolate is given below.
Fudge $0.60 NutClusters $0.75 Truffles $0.80
a)create and solve an equation for each type of chocolate to determine how many Michel can buy with $15.00, if he buys one type.
B) Michel decides to buy all 3 types, instead of choosing just one.
a)If Michel buys the same number of all three types, how many can he buy and stay within his budget?
b)Exactly how much will Michel spend?
c)Write an algebraic expression that represents the total amount Michel will spend. Then substitute the variable ad evaluate your expression. How does this amount compare with your amount in part(b)?

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    .6f = 15
    f = 25

    .75n = 15
    n = 20

    .8t = 15
    t = 18.75, or just 18 whole truffles

    If he buys n of each,
    (.6 + .75 + .8)n <= 15
    2.15n <= 15
    n <= 6.97
    so, he can only buy 6 of each

    buying 6, he will spend 6*2.15 = 12.90

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    Thank you : )

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