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A cylinder contains the helium gas with a volume of 0.1 m3 at a pressure of 220 kPa.
The gas is compressed to a volume of 0.02 m3. The process is adiabatic and the
specific heat ratio of the gas is 1.66. Determine
(a) the pressure in the cylinder after compression;
(b) work done to reduce the volume of the gas; and
(c) percentage change of the temperature.

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    (a) Use the relation P V^1.66 = constant

    (b) Work = Integral of P*dV. Express P as a function of V to do the integration

    (c) Use the relation PV/T = constant to get the new T.

    OR use the isentropic compression relation
    (T2/T1) = (V1/V2)^(g-1)
    where g = 1.66

    You should get the same answer either way.

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