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A block has mass 800 g, whose is fasten to a spring with spring constant k is 70 N/m.
The block is pulled a distance x = 15 cm from its equilibrium position at x = 0 on a
frictionless surface and released from rest at t = 0.
(a) What force does the spring exert on the block just before the block is released?
(b) What are the angular frequency, the frequency, and the period of the resulting
(c) What is the amplitude of the oscillating block?
(d) What is the maximum speed of the oscillating block?
(e) What is the magnitude of the maximum acceleration of the block?

  • Physics -

    Start out by reviewing Hooke's Law.
    The frequency of motion will be
    f = 2*pi*sqrt(k/m) Hz
    The amplitude A will be the initial deflection.
    The maximum velocity is w * A
    w = sqrt(k/m)

    You do the rest. You should not be deprived of the learning experience.

  • Physics -

    Thanks i will do the rest

  • Physics (whoops) -

    I got the frequency equation wrong.
    It is f = [1/(2 pi)] sqrt (k/m)

    The constant factor was upside down

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