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Car Insurance Use the histogram below to answer the following questions.
a)How many students were surveyed?
b)What are the lower and upper class limits of the first and second classes?
c)How many students have an annual car insurance premium in the class with a class mark of $752? d)What is the class mark of the modal class?
the right side starting from top to bottom of the histogram starts at 8 then 7 then 6 then 5 then 4 then 3 then 2 then 1 it also has written on that side number of students on the very bottom is has annual amount dollars starting from left to right 650,701,752,803,854,905,956,1007
there is a graph showing volume of each or the amount of each studen that is on the right side of this histogram.
starting from left to right the first one has the amount of 650 and the level or amount line stops at the students number( that is on the right side of this histogram) 2 the next one starts with the amount of 701 and stops at students number 4 the next is 752 stops at 6 next is 803 stops at 8 the next is 854 stops at 7 the next is 905 stops at 3 then the last one starts at 1007 and stops at 1
the histogram is a L shape with the number of students on the right and the amount on the bottom going from left to right can any one help me with this I do not understand it need help

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