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Hi I am in AP Chemistry and I did not take regulars chem so I have never done labs before and was wondering If anyone could give me examples on how to do a lab

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    please help me

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    I can't write a complete lab experiment because of time constraints; however, I can give you a summary of one and make a suggestion of how you might view others. One of the most common experiment conducted in a chemistry lab is the preparation of oxygen gas. You generally start with a picture of a test tube fitted with a stopper through which a glass tube is placed. Following the directions you prepare the set up. Into the test tube is placed a mixture of KClO3 and MnO2. At this point the instructor usually talks about the function of the MnO2 and the definition of a catalyst. The KClO3 is heated until gas is evolved into bottles filled with water and placed upside down in a water trough. When several bottles of oxygen have been collected, the student is directed to perform certain tests. This helps give some direction as to physical properties, chemical properties, etc.

    For a suggestion, you might go to or to one of the other book sellers and search those sites for lab manuals. Usually you are allowed to read the table of contents and choose a page or two from which to read. You can get a good idea of an experiment if you will read two or three of those. When I have done that in search of a book (they hope to sell you a book this way) there has been no charge for viewing a page or two.

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