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Given the hyperbola[(x+3)^2/4]-[(y-1)^2/9]=1,find the equations of the asymptotes.

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    Do you know how to find the asymptotes of a hyperbola with this equation?

    [x^2]/4 - [y^2]/9 = 1

    Hint: To express this in the format x^2/a^2 - y^2/b^2 = 1, what are the values of a and b? How can a and b be used to find the equations of the asymptotes?

    Then, you'd have to translate (slide) the hyperbola to get the one you described. I think left 3 units and up 1 unit. So you'd have to rewrite the equations of the asymptotes you found after they gets hifted over and up.

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